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Meet Rose Toxique

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Tiffany, Women from 19 year.

Who am I ? I am named Tiffany, and I am 19 years old. I currently live in the 12th district of Paris, where I am pursuing studies in fashion design. And where I can get a big precision, because a lot of people think that being a fashion designer-pattern maker, it is a parade in front of the cameras as a fashion model or a movie star ... NOT at ALL. I am neither a model, nor a model elsewhere. Let's say I'm making clothing, having previously completed a number of sketches. Tell you that it requires a lot of time, work, patience, care, and thoroughness. But I like it. In regards to my passions and my hobbies, I do a lot of sport : jogging in the morning (mostly during the weekend), tennis from time to time with friends, rock climbing, and I am especially passionate about snow' ! Aside from that, I listen to a lot of music as soon as I have any free time, it's impossible to listen to less than 6 hours per day. I also like to stay with my friends, go out, go for a walk, going to the movies' and/or restaurant. Otherwise, you have to ask what I search here. Well, to tell the truth, I don't know too much either. I talk, I pass the time, I made friends and why not meet after that. I hope that my long presentation you liked, I thank you for having me read to the end, at least I wouldn't have written all this in my p'tits fingers for nothing. Kisses.

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    Hello and welcome to mega-chat ! It long presentation that is worth to be clear that I strongly agree ! Don't forget the authentication profile in order to have access to more parameters and to allow others to be sure that you matches your profile. Soon

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    Hello, Ote me a question, you get a mail when a personal message to you is addressed on the site ? If not, let me know, because I'm wondering with all the changes I've made on this one. A+

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