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I found solutions, so you can chat in complete tranquility

And lo and behold, I just spent two hours in order to find and implement solutions so that you can navigate with a comfort adequate. J so I left loads of the SQL server (for those who know the technique), in order to smooth the load on the entire site. Also some pages that etas for l hour ultra rapid decline legèrement time of access, such as for example the page for the chat who needs to lose something like 2 or 3 micro-seconds. The advantage now is that the hosting of mega-chat is much more lightweight and provide you a very fast access to the site. Normally there should be errors due to overloading the SQL server. It is possible, however, that I have forgotten a few queries, greedy, also, if you encounter errors of navigation n feel free to send especially not the m to send a small message or an email via the contact form. J hope that the new time of access to the site, chat and chatroulette you will be satisfactory. Sorry again for the inconvenience cause in recent times.

Article written the 5 juin 2012 by createur
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