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This is a new feature that will save you time !

It c is not two days since the last novelty of the site that, here's another one ! So here is a new in which you will earn a certain amount of time, especially if your geography leaves a little to wish. Mega-tchat n is l't forget, a community site or you can interact with singles from the whole earth see beyond (if, of course, there is a beyond...). In short, therefore, it is never comfortable, in spite of the many geographical indications displayed on the profile pages to know how far we are separated from such or such unmarried. And well, now more of a hassle, as you know, or is Gisors or Albi or that you don't know, anyway the site will calculate for you the distance kilomètrique that you separate from the web of a member which you see the profile. Of course, in order not to give you distances to a veil of birds, the site calculates the distance by road (car), by calculating such a GPS (road the fastest in the shortest paths). Therefore, you will find for the members, this indication on each profile in the top right and it will allow you in a flash whether the distance that you separate you may be surmountable.

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