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I wish you all and all a merry christmas, and I am for the opportunity, to give you a summary of what that is is developed to offer you the best of webcam chat safely. In fact, I have created this site to answer the needs of the users of the site, chat and dating website. Needs first are essentially needs, security, to do this, I have decided several things. The geolocation feature allows to know with accuracy the d or just a member (country and region) and as he can not change those facts, they are so reliable and so as not to fall into some trap as usual. Of course j would have been able to simply ban some countries, as many do, but is first of all to bring together the users and not to divide them.The profile photo mandatory to be, allows us to give a representation of the members with whom you speak and let you know if a person has something to hide, in fact, someone who does not want to put a photo or don't put a photo of himself, cache probably something. You can all the time choose the option in the profile to show this photo that the members of the site and thus do not show it in the search engines or visitors.The authentication profile n is as for it not mandatory, but it allows you to put the absolut certainty on the truth of a member. Grace has this option, and in a few minutes you authenticate your account through the webcam chat or see you on MSN. With the authentication profile, when you see the profile of a member and if his account is to authenticate, you have a logo displayed, and you can be assured that the information found there is accurate.The private messaging allows for it never to unveil his real email. You can communicate by private messaging with all members of the site with complete discretion and peace and you won't receive spam or any other thing harmful in your real mail box.For the needs of the site, and to meet the members, I have opted for a technology in flash to view the webcam of his correspondent to engage in all quietude. This technology of last generation allows you even a lot more than simple exchange via a webcam chat, you will find the possibility to list of videos, for example, and plenty of other little widget very useful.There you will find also a script Chatroulette allows you to meet people in a lightning bolt with members randomly, this part of the site and open to all and all, there is no need of registration.Finally, wanting to satisfy you to the maximum, I have decided to create more space dedicated to relax. For example, the flash games that allow you to face the other members of the site, climb the leaderboard and finish on the podium of the best scores. A quiz created on several of the topics you will be helping to extend your culture, or just the harness.Here is the summary of the first year of the existence of the site is complete and functional, you are currently close to 4000 members has to follow us, and the numbers have only grown since the beginning of the adventure. Thank you all for following me and see you very soon on

Article written the 25 décembre 2011 by julkien
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