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My thought of the day about love and dating

The love, still a lovely word that resume normally the outcome of a meeting. For my part, I am not so sure. All the world s often afford to say that the love that is the culmination of a good game, the one that you put in a relationship with a person that matches your expectations. Personally, I don't see it like that. All the world talks of life as a couple and a slow descent to the monotony, or simply to the routine. But why in this case, the love would be assumed to grow at the same time that your couple viellit ? C is totally contradictory to me. So I imagine, rather, the true meaning of the love in the lives of two, I'm not talking about the love of a brother or a sister, or the love of a friend, but rather the love between two people who think they share the same things and design a home. For me, the love, c is rather completely opposed to all of the world to think. L'amour, c is the first meeting, to the first moments of trade whether physical or not, I think that the function of the love, c is a bit like a battery. You start a love story with a full battery to 100% and as the time passes by, your battery decreases. How to recharge this battery ? Well I think everyone is different, some will add the chilli, others will try to find an alternative, some will even replace the battery. Sincerely, I think, that it is necessary to try to protect the self discharge of the battery of the love, the best is not too fast, put in a couple in the same household, see merely creates moments of cuts in order to put in to be a lack, the one that you wilt have a desire to find your love. Some people do manage to keep their batteries up to the end of their lives, the innovation in their couples, delightful moments are often their sources of maintenance, too, and I still believe that c is the best solution today, try each week of innovates. Of course, that a slowdown of your innovations will be felt, but in this case, you will have to find something else. The time to empty your batteries to the love, also, it is necessary to have always a little ahead of him, in order to control it better and make sure that this love is as expected do not end up badly. Do not take the solution makes it easy that is to change the battery once it is empty, because you risk falling into a vicious circle that does not give you any pleasure, and that you wear out with time.

Article written the 28 janvier 2013 by createur
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