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The end of the world is past and heuuu, nothing happens, in fact, then chat !

All the world was talking about the end of the world, and all the world knew that it would not have happened. The evidence you have as every day continues to register on the site... Personally, I'm going to score, I have a hard time believing in much of anything, so it's... J so I spent my day normally thinking of the news that it will be necessary that I offer you in 2013 ! Because I n't forget my so many users love our site, chat and dating ! I have several projects of news, but as usual, you know nothing until at the time or it will be activate on the site. Jepeux give you a few tracks, here is the key: Speed, interractivite and increase!!! A good program that m waiting for the first half of 2013 ! N't forget that the last half of 2012 was rich in new and d improvement that have made your life better. Then trust me, for 2013 they will delight you also !

Article written the 21 décembre 2012 by createur
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