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A flaw and it is the cata for your privacy, react !

There is more than one year, Trendnet to been subject to a fault for some cameras. This takes, of course, been corrected, because it is sufficient to update the firmware. Outside, in a year, few users have updated their firmware and have therefore always this loophole open. Thus, on the page of download of firmware from Trendnet, you can see this message: If you purchased TRENDnet IP cameras between April 2010 and February 2012, and have not updated firmware after February, 2012 we advise you to apply the latest security firmware update on the cameras listed below. If you have any questions regarding the security firmware update on the discontinued cameras, please contact The message is pretty clear, you need to update your firmware in order to plug this loophole that allows anyone on the Internet to view your webcam when it is desired to from the moment he finds your flow. In order to warn users of this flaw, a twitter account to been created, and each stream is there is repertorie to make users recognize the presence of this fault and what could follows. Find on this twitter account

Article written the 26 janvier 2013 by createur
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