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History to know a little more about the chat !

The Chat, so what is this word, what is it ? And well, the chat, if we come back to Wikipedia: The Chat, live Chat, or chat in English is a text communication directly via the Internet where you can chat live. Now there are two main different forms of chat, there is the webcam chat and the chat classic. The webcam chat helps you as a chat classic to discuss with your keyboard, but it has a means to trade while watching the webcam of your correspondents. In addition, it has also often a means of communication by microphonne, and most in need of your keyboard. The chat classic is older, walking, mainly with a IRC network and an interface summary. The chat classic is still many uses in our time especially by a passion or a number of small sites n't have the budget to acquire a webcam chat. The webcam chat (in English), is therefore a must for the chat, and allows you so many options and possibilities that of desire of the owner. The only constraint, it is necessary that the computer of the users is Flash of installs, because it all works with Flash. A lot of countries use the chat to allow people to chat and meet new people. the advantage of mega-chat on this point, c is q he wants to gather the whole world in order to create even more sharing and knowledge.

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