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The latest big change to the site for users

Something had, something that was promised ! And lo and behold, the last modification of the site arrived ! And so like a good father christmas I just bring you this good news ! As I had promised for several months, it is now possible to do a search of singles, including the regions. Because of this, the search becomes even more precise and you can more easily find a single near you. Of course, this new opportunity is available only to VIP members because only VIP members have access to a geolocation more accurate. C is also for this idea that I have decided to revise the authentication profile. Why the review ? And well, I have concluded that the uahtentification profile is used primarily to refer exclusively to verify that the photos of a profile are those of the person who is talking with you. Therefore, the strength of this conclusion, I have deduced that those who use the photo booth set of real photos. Then, and in order to avoid all fraud, the authentication profile is now fast, since you just need to make 5 different photos with the photo booth to be authenticate. Of course, it's about 5 pictures of you in various positions (see in full if possible), and of course photos that fall within the framework of the charter. Once the validation of your photos made, your account will switch-mode VIP which I recall is always completely free of charge. Other bug fixes have been carried out, if you find any other, made me know via the contact tab.

Article written the 8 décembre 2012 by createur
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