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Finally almost eh...

And yes, in this time of change, I have decided to make changes to the sites. Of course, with more than 11 000 members now, I'm going to do things smoothly. The first change will be the theme of the website that will be a bit more agremente to make it more beautiful and even more attractive. C is change does not affect in any way the different navigation menu in order not to annoy users frequent the site and not disrupting their navigation. The second amendment will be additions on the cards for members to learn more about the singles of the site and to provide you can find enconre more easily the person that fits you the best. The third amendment will affect the various regulations that in view of the number of times or they are violated, will be remembered on different pages with the possible penalties. This, of course, to stop censoring many photos there or no there should not be any censorship, every day I have to delete lots of picture. The last amendment n in n is not really one, but I'll try to put in place a team of animation and management on the site in order to save time on the validations and especially on the authentication.

Article written the 5 septembre 2012 by createur
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