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Yes, well I know, I have dragged a bit but the'm back finally !

You have understood the title is self-explanatory... So the famous galeries VIP are returns, ok, but what is it for?? Well, simply to put photos that don't fit on your profile. I had to disable these galleries the time to redo the site and since it was still in stand-by. These galleries allow you to put a picture of your dog, your car, whatever you want to wholesale, a few details, as mega-chat since before all of a site's chat seriously, you can't add the following photos: Photo of naked. Photo too stripped. with the address of another site. Photo belonging to someone else (for example, a picture of a football player) all who transgresserais the laws contrary to the morality and the ethics Now that that is said, as usual any photo does not comply with these point and those that I forget to be purely and simply destroyed and at the end of the third time c is your account that is destroyed. These galleries VIP, however, are only reserved to singles authentifies, also n't forget to ask for your authentication profile via webcam on the chat or via PM To take full advantage of the site, it is important to abide by the terms of the uses that you agree by registering and thus be able to discuss, to converse and to make meetings really pleasant. J took the opportunity to share with you the coming of a moderator (Site + chat), which controlera carefully your photos, descriptions, etc.. also I ask you to welcome Nanou80300 Alias Domi, who is there only for the purpose of making life more pleasant and to me delester of a work load to allow me to better contribute to the devellopement of the site .

Article written the 11 septembre 2012 by createur
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