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Quelqes explanations of how to use the new chat

Like every year, some parts of the site are recast so that you can navigate more ergonomic, easier and more fluid. Also, in order to better transform your navigation in one shot successful, I would opt for a new system of Chat. It is presented differently from the old system provided by 123flashchat. Much more presentable, it will, in addition to be more clear) allows you to converse in an interface very pleasant. Here is how this this this new webcam chat: A classic interface, simple and effective. In the top left is the list of chat rooms webcam chat and discussions to which you are currently connected to. The right part presents the list of users connected to the living room. the bottom is a bar classic to engage in any peace. Followed by three buttons. The first of the three buttons, which allows you to gain access to the list of lounges on the servers and the global parameters of the interface: The list of chat channels is, therefore, the list of chat rooms webcam chat which you can access free of charge and without any compulsion. Here is the list: You notterez that in any manner without VIP access, you can access the lounges reserved for VIP. Those which did not appear in the list since it is subject as the name indicates to VIP access. The VIP lounges allow you more opportunity, also, I advise you strongly to do autentifier your profile in order to qualify for the right to use the lounges webcam chat VIP. To be able to have other information about the people connected on the chat (Geolocation, Age, gender, etc...) on the people wired, you just need to right-click on the nickname and press "Whois": The result s will be clear in the chat room, and you will be helping in a short time to have plenty of useful information on the chat. That's it, now you know how to use our Chat webcam free, so take advantage now. A simple registration on the site you will be helping without any problem to make the encounter easily and especially free of charge that may be able to change the course of your life.

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