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The meeting it's a good one !

The meeting, c is a small word that means a lot of thing, a friendly encounter, love or a simple crush. Coup de coeur is, I think, the one that summarizes well the meeting because it defines all the relationships that we have with other people. How to cause the meeting outside of a site chat, how to get there without having to complicate your life. D a simple way, imagine, an evening banal, you finnissez your work, you are going to go home and colleagues invite you to come and be served a drink in a bar. For a time, because you want to change your habits, you agree and you're part in an evening totally improvisee. The evening happens, you water obviously the time without abusing of the bad things in order to remain lucid and to be able to appreciate the people around you. The hours pass, you look at the people that attract you the most, but, your timidite limits you and prevents you from making contact with other people, you are looking for solutions, but nothing worked. And then, a person takes you by the hand, take you dancing, a person that you feel open, which you put in the trust and who makes you smile on your face farm for some time. You had notice before, but like a lot of people around you, you are not more hung up than that to contemplate. But this person undoubtedly done so far, she had you note and a view that you had the note. And in a continual dance, you find yourself very close, the dialogue is forged and you ennivrez of happiness. The end of the evening is a good time for this kind of meeting, which ends actually a heartbeat, of course you will never know in advance how it will finish, but at a minimum, you have spent a very good evening, and in addition, it handed you confidence in you, and at best, you may meet the person who will change your life in the future. Always ahead, never look back, whatever, or whatever, you will always find a heart stroke that you will save this celibat you have. The example there is certainly, to you to control the result of this kind of meeting, c is in accordance with your desires, your desires and the desires of this person. Agree you on various routes to find the love in passing, for example, bars, sites of chat, or the nightclub, c is according to. N't forget to stay yourself, because without it, you would have a better chance of staying single, because people no not like that is false.

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Une idée, un commenaire, n'hésitez pas !

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