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Because mega-chat is constantly evolving, here's a bit of nine.

C is the end of the year, and as always mega-chat offers something new before you change over the year. Also, here is the list of meliorations that I've done on the site in order to offer you a better comfort in its use. Mega-tchat, c for l hour and 15 000 registered members, men and women, and to welcome the new, I have subscribed to a few changes. In fact the site n was not necessarily clear about the profiles. Some new n had not understood that it should be mandatory to add a profile picture to be able to use the site. J so I cleared up this point in the explaining on the page of the profiles with no photo. also if you see this image and that you do not understand its meaning, nothing I could for you (I think)... Especially that the arrow is really flashy ! For webcam Chat, I have exchange support, and I thank Guese kindly let us squate its server. This assistance allows you to keep Mega-chat free, too, if you meet him somewhere, no hesitate to thank him. You can now use this new webcam chat in cliquanrt here: Join the webcam chat. The advantage of this new platform, c is that it is much more ergonomic, easier to access and much more sleazy. In short, you have understood, that you will bring only good things for your future conversations in the salons of chat. The last new, n is not less, since it will make life of users of smartphone and tablet a lot more simple. Your dear administrator c is indeed a long ch**r to you code a mobile version of This one you will be helping d the best use of the site. Of course, to do this some features are not present on this version, but you can enjoy the essence of the site all the same ! Then, it is not nice to your administrator ?!

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