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To all of you gather, the site is multi-lingual

I told you about for some time, and well here it is, the change in c is now ! Mega-chat to been designed to allow a maximum of people to meet and d exchange length. Either through private messaging or simply rooms webcam chat. Only the barrier of the language existed as a disability. And I am so attele to the task so you put together a solution to this problem. The site is now multilingual. For the moment, only French and English are available, but the Spanish won't be long. The site does not only offer these menus in different languages. I have designed a script that allows you to translate every comment, every article, every presentation, and everything that you can add to the site in your native language, without you having to click anything. Also, you can now understand the other users, regardless of their language. The site's menus, however, are, for the moment only in French and in English. The other languages will s add to as time. Some parts of the site have for the occasion was reviewed to make them more friendly and more exciting ! Then have fun !

Article written the 9 juillet 2015 by createur
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