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In the last few minutes I have to completely change the blog. In fact, it appeared in a different format, as if you were navigating to another site. I have decided to make it fully integrated with mega-chat with a code home. The advantage is that now, the last three topics of the blog appear on the welcome page of the site and therefore it is better to put in before. In addition I have decided to make it participatory members of the site so that those who want to give advice or simply s express can do it. Attention, the blog has categories, all subjects were not included in the above will not be valid and removes them. The rules for the writing of articles are ecritent, also I ask you to respect them. For the rest if you experience the slightest problem with, I thank you for m. For the moment, the Blog does not have comments because I n't had the time to add this feature (c is that when you have done all the same). But in the very near future you will be able to comment on without a problem each item. C is a beta version, didn't forget, so it may be that I've let a few bugs, but personally I've done the tour and I n is nothing view. If you have any reviews, comments or other, you can always send them to me by mail the time that I added the comment system. You will find in this blog various articles inserres in topics in thematic. You will know a little more about the world of chat, and meet, some love advice, suggestions for your relationships, and especially the news

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