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A few new, as well as a follow-up of the site

Mega-chat provides a little more in the communication, this is how I see things. Always concerned (yes, again and again) to serve you better, I have decided to bring yet a new site. This allows you two things obvious. It allows the visitors to leave a comment on your profile without the need of being registered and it allows you to have a follow-up of more in-depth comments left by people visiting your listing as these are now links to their pages on facebook. So, you have two choices comment (for members), you can go through Facebook, or simply by the system put in place on the site. C is comment via Facebook are a good novelty and fitness with the web 2.0 ... Otherwise, to return to the site, 14425 members at this time ! C is not that bad, the site is growing day by day and the community is becoming more and more rich ! Thank you to all of you to do prosperer Mega-chat and see you soon !

Article written the 24 novembre 2014 by createur
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