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Mega-chat is a new skin for the pleasure of the eyes

I had said several times, this year, a lot of change will take place on the site. Although I was not a party in the optical creates a new design (theme) for him, this idea m a passage through the spirit last week and suddenly I've started to do. It's been long enough that I had no design to speak of, so things have been complicated to (re)implement. The time to start the diesel and the bases are returned. Then, what to say about the new theme ? And well alot of things... first, it is necessary to see that the theme allows you to play much more easy of all the textual information that can be found on the site. In order to modernize a bit the site, I decided to shade and make legèrement transparent on the site in order to give a kind of style vitree. In short, I'm trying to do the best, adding also a background-free law that gives more pleasure to the visual level. If you encounter bugs of views, n't forget d em to share, the site is a real octopus, it is not simple of all change it without forgetting.

Article written the 8 février 2013 by createur
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