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Vroum Vroum, the site passes the renault alpine to the Ferrari !

J was talking about he a short time ago,the site had to an exponential growth of visitors, tired, and was getting slower and slower. I have, therefore, in a first time landing at the more press in order to limit the errors of navigation. These last two days, however, I review fully the engine code of the site to make it much more mild. This m has allowed in addition to revisiting some of the pages and renders it much more accessible and much more clear. The result is simple, the site s has, on average, 3 times faster than before, knowing obviously that the site before s had already very quickly. The advantage for you now, is that you can access the webcam chat a lot more rapidly, the chatroulette it is presented much more clearly with a time of access of less than 0.1 seconds. I'm don pleased to submit this new faster version of the site.Of course it may be that you may encounter some errors that I would have failed to correct, also if c is the case, I encourage you to contact me via PM or on the chat to notify me of your problems. I m committed as usual to face the wind and marree in order to correct them fast.

Article written the 13 juin 2012 by createur
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