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Or how I make you life easier on mega-chat

And well, here we are in 2013 ! And as I had indicated I n my previous post, I will try to making life easier on the site, so you can spend more time on the chat and chatroulette, and less time to master the site. The first novelty is not a tech freak, in truth, it is more of you to facilitate navigation by something very simple. Up to now, at the end of one hour, you may need to reconnect to the site to continue your research and discussions. Many members may quickly forget their passwords, and that, I can see it in the sending of lost passwords. So now, to make it simpler, I have established a session cookie lasts. Now, if you connect to the site, you will be logging in for only 2 years. So, two years without any hassle. Of course, if you click on "Logout" the cookie is destroyed, and you need to edit to kick you again, c is what some members n't want their women or their men learn that there are dating sites in their back. So this little first new in 2013, the other will follow in the months that follow. Good navigation and good chat !

Article written the 12 janvier 2013 by createur
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Et c'est pas finit !

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