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Some people forget too quickly, here's a reminder..

C became recurent many of the members are a little bit no matter what with their account and need to blow a strong moderation in order to keep the site clean. On you are free of course, but rules do exist, also, here's a little reminder that it is not possible to do and some tips to put in place. Concerning the addition of a photo, every photo sent on our server is waiting for validation by a moderator, if n is not in conformity with the charter, it will be deleted without notice. Also and in order that this does not happen, it is enough for you to send photos of you and devoilant the most out of your face. These photos must not show your private parts, or a part of you even n since it is not your face (the torso, for example). All photos are in focus, or does not conform does not pass the validation. Regarding your registration, if you dare to put a word or words, vulgar, hateful or simply rude as nick, your account will be destroyed, if you recidivez (host records), you tighten banned for a month. It's the same with your description and or name. Regarding the comments, all those who will be rude, defamatory, insulting, evil places, will be systematically destroyed. of course, if you overuse these commentares you will be simply banned for a month. Finally, the website is provided so that you never need to unveil your email so that you can discuss in complete safety, also if a member contact you requesting an exchange by email, you no longer have the guarantee of protection of your email, and you might have some problems with your mail account. Mega-chat is designed to offer a maximum of possibilities, also for the good of all, it would be good to follow these rules.

Article written the 3 juin 2012 by createur
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