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The CDN, it is all well and good but what is it

Some may have had errors of navigation in these last days, this is normal because I have to change the DNS of Mega-chat for the benefit of those of a CDN in order to make the navigation much faster. The amount of time that DNS to propagate, to had to endure a few navigation errors, but c is now 100% operationel. But a CDN c is what ? Well first of all, the exact definition is: "Content Delivery Network", that is all well and good, but c may not be clear to you, then let's take the definition from Wikipedia: a network of computers delivering content over the Internet in a transparent way for the end user. Wholesale now c is a whole network of PCS that you display the site ! Therefore, the time of rapid access, navigation is smooth and latency excessively low. A big thank you to the company Clouflare that offers this service free of charge. This is how have became a site of chat of the fastest on the market without debourser too much money and be able to continue to offer you a real dating site for free, as well as a space webcam chat free !

Article written the 19 juin 2012 by createur
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