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Select rooms to discuss you want to join the list and talk with confidence! Remember that everything is completely free on Mega-chat even become a VIP.
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Webcam Chat room

Webcam chat room open to the site members


Only the first room is available to members not VIP

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Rules of the chat and webcam chat
Mega-Chat offers various theme chat room, you can check as many rooms as you want.
  • You are responsible for holding and action about the chat, we struggle and strive expressly that no member is bored.
  • Each conversation is recorded as the plan to the French law to be provided to the authorities asking for more serious cases.

  • The VIP area is reserved for members with a VIP account, if you attempt an action to reach this area without the permission, you'll be banned from the site and chat rooms.

  • You can get help on chat in the welcome room or MP (to be sent to creator).
  • See our documentation and our rules in the Help section and rules of the site.
  • Mega-Chat reserves the right to suspend an account if the regulation was violated.